What is 80/20?

80/20, based upon Pareto statistical analysis has been around for over a century now. As well as being a great statistical tool it provides an easy way to improve business performance.

The creators of 80/20 MyBusiness have worked with the system for over 25 years. They know it works, they've used it to dramatically improve businesses, in a wide range of distribution, manufacturing and service industries.

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Use 80/20 to illustrate the positive impact of improvements to the 20% of your customers generating 80% of your sales and the 80% of customers who generate 20% of your sales.

Initial pareto analysis

Make sure that the true value to your profits of those 80% of sales are dropping to the bottom line as cash profit. Cash matters. Cash rich businesses develop faster. This process identifies margin opportunities and directs you to areas that can benefit from price or cost actions.

This is not an accounting programme. It is not just theory – it will work for you when applying insights gained from the analysis.

This editable method of analysis with simple inputs and easy to follow processes brings clarity to decision making. There are Ideas, hints and tips for improving your business and there are questions that will challenge you.

Proven across a wide range of manufacturing and service sectors, here for the first time is a proactive and supportive application.

Become a subscriber, work with and improve your own numbers. Test and assess prices and costs to see results that impact on your operating income.