Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started
  • What is 80 / 20 or Pareto analysis and does it work?

    It’s based on a statistical analysis developed in the C19th by Vifredo Pareto

    We use it to focus a business on the 20% of the Customers, Products and Services that deliver 80% of the profits

    It Works! Some of the worlds most dynamic businesses use it throughout their decision making process and deliver exceptional results

  • Is it complicated?

    The 80/20 process is designed to simplify. So we’ve made it really simple here.

    You’ll have all the information you need and we’ll prompt you and guide you at every step.

    We sort, analyse and deliver your results quickly and clearly in both graphic and spreadsheet format.

  • Will I like what it tells me?

    If you like profit improvement, you’ll like it.

    Some preconceptions about your business may be challenged and even contradicted by our analysis.

  • How much does it cost?

    A trial analysis is free. To get into the detail, you can start with a Pay As You Go plan or a Subscription.

    Check out the costs page for more information

Why do I need this?
  • Why Do I need this?

    As businesses expand and grow it’s harder to keep track. We’re all about cash profits. Not accounting allocations, tax and so on.

    We focus on the cash value of each customer, product or service. We provide information and suggest actions. But we don't replace your knowledge of your business and we don't try to second guess your market

  • Who is this for?

    Owners, Directors and Managers will all benefit.

    It’s for businesses that are profit driven. And if you run a cost centre within a business, analysis will enable you to deliver lower costs to the organisation.

  • I already have a financial and CRM package

    This doesn’t replace these. It uses data from those and your other sources to improve the profitability of products, services and customers.

File management
  • What sort of files will I need?

    Our upload screen has an easy “drag and drop” link to your files.

    We need any Excel or CSV file arranged as below, saved as a separate sheet of numbers with up to 2 decimal places. Include currency symbols if you like. Please save your products or services along the horizontal axis and customers on the vertical axis - like this:-

    Pivot Table users - please export your results page to a separate excel or CSV sheet ensuring that the source data and formulae are not hidden in the cells

      Product/Service #1 Name Product/Service #2 Name Product/Service #3 Name Product/Service #4 Name
    Customer #1 Name £ 300.00 £ 200.00   £ 1,000.00
    Customer #2 Name £ 250.00 £ 510.00 £ 7,000.00 £ 15.00
    Customer #3 Name £ 700.00 £ 15,00.00 £ 20.00  
    Data Entry

    Once you’ve uploaded your Excel or CSV file we’ll provide the data entry cells. We’ll explain what we’re doing, show the cell pre-populated with a default number and ask you to edit that default number.

    Then we’ll analyse and sort the results automatically.

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