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Profit improvement through the analysis of sales and margins.
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What you need to do

1. Start by preparing your data

We need an Excel or CSV file arranged as below, and as shown in our video “Watch it Here”

Save your products or services along the horizontal axis and customers on the vertical axis - like this using a maximum of 150 rows by 150 columns.

Download a sample file
2. Import and check this data file
3. Analyse it

We’ll analyse your data so you can see it broken down into our 80/20 analyses that are easy to follow.

You’ll see sales and customers in a way that clarifies where the profits are really made.

So why subscribe?
  • Dive Deeper if you want to focus on

  • Level 2

    Understand your margins per product / service

  • Level 3

    The cost of doing business with each customer or sales territory

  • Level 4

    Overheads and their impact on the profits from each customer and product

    At every level you can change your numbers and see what the effect would be if your business did something different

    Export your 80 20 analysis to discuss with colleagues